Ayurvishwa Healthcare

Our Team

Our Team

Ayurvishwa Healthcare is enriched by a committed team consisting of proficient medical experts, admin executives & Panchakarma therapists led by experienced professional leaders.

Our Leaders :
Dr, Vishwas Ghatge
Dr, Vishwas Ghatge

Dr. Vishwas Ghatge
Founder & Director at Ayurvishwa Healthcare

Dr. Vishwas Ghatge is an Ayurvedacharya (accomplished Ayurved Consultant) from Pune, India. He is Nadi and Panchakarma Visharad & Lifestyle management consultant as well.

He is dedicatedly working towards promoting Ayurveda globally and is keen on providing effective Ayurvedic & scientific Panchakarma treatments for chronic diseases. At Ayurvishwa Healthcare, he believes in diagnosing and treating chronic diseases that pose a challenge for medical science, with the help of a unique diagnostic system; ‘Nadichikitsa’(Pulse Diagnosis). He is a core ‘Nadichikitsa Tadnya’ (Pulse Diagnosis Expert) with vast clinical experience of over 15 years in treating some critical disorders.

Apart From Medicinal treatment, Dr. Ghatge is highly skilled in deriving different Ayurvedic Formulations, Panchakarma advice & treatment, and Lifestyle Management advice.
Apart from Pune, he regularly visits across India to offer the treatments. Dr. Ghatge has a plan to build a team of trained Ayurvedic Medical experts nationally and internationally to take Ayurvishwa healthcare to fulfill the vision of reaching globally. 

Shailendra Potnis
Shailendra Potnis

Mr. Shailendra Potnis
Founder & Partner at Ayurvishwa Healthcare (LLP).

He is a Chartered Accountant by qualification with key skills of Finance, Administration & Business Development. His forte lies in Finance & as a Business Development Professional with experience of expanding business PAN India involving Finance, Sales & Marketing, Channel Partner Development, Strategic Planning, Customer Relations.

Bringing in a customer-oriented approach and strong liaisoning skills, Mr. Shailendra Potnis nurtures Ayurvishwa healthcare with his expertise to fulfill the vision of reaching globally. He focuses on expanding Ayurvishwa Healthcare’s clinics’ network and elevating the business PAN India to promote Ayurveda globally.

He possesses expertise in expanding a chain of medical experts franchise PAN India, Ayurvedic Formulations promotion, Panchakarma Services (Detox Programmes), allied healthcare consultancy services for Lifestyle management and wellness regimes like personalized diet and exercise plans. For the last 15 years, he has experienced Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical & Healthcare (chain of Clinics) company having PAN India presence with strong management & leadership skills.

Other staff

Apart from the above Leaders, Ayurvishwa Healthcare has experienced Medical experts looking after the company’s Health centers across Maharshatra. Our well-trained and keen Panchkarma therapists have astute industry experience of more than 10 years. They are committed to providing the best rejuvenating experience to all our patients with their caring & gentle approach.