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About Us

About Ayurvishwa Healthcare

Vision :

Ayurvishwa Healthcare envisions providing the effective Ayurvedic & scientific Panchakarma treatments for chronic diseases that have posed a challenge before the medical science and threat to the society with the help of ancient proven and unique diagnostic system of ‘Nadichikitsa’.

Ayurvishwa Healthcare has decided to promote Ayurveda globally with Nadichikitsa at its base. For almost 15 years, our Ayurvedic medical experts are diagnosing the various diseases with the help of Nadi Parikshan and providing effective, proven treatments using well researched ayurvedic formulations with an object to eradicate the various chronic diseases from their roots, which even today have posed a challenge before the medical science.

Mission :

At Ayurvishwa Healthcare, our expert & experienced Ayurvedic doctors who practice this unique diagnosis technique, called Nadichikitsa, have successfully treated thousands of patients to date. They diagnose the root cause of diseases with the utmost accuracy and use various research-based and proven Ayurvedic formulations to provide complete relief to the patients suffering from various chronic disorders for a long. Also, a wide range of wellness regimes like Panchakarma treatments, personalized, convenient diet, and exercise plans are advised at Ayurvishwa Healthcare to provide patients a long term remission from their health issues and lead a normal & healthy life.