Ayurvishwa Healthcare



At Ayurvishwa Healthcare, with the help of Nadichikitsa suitable treatments and lifestyle management advice are given for various following diseases / disorders.

    1. Joint Disorders:
      • Rheumatoid Arthritis – Severe pain in large joints, Joint deformities, swelling and redness over joints. Pain can be at all joints at the same time.
      • Osteoarthritis – Appearance of gap in knee joints, a specific breaking sound from the joint on movement
      • Gout – sever pain, redness, swelling and tenderness in joints, often involves big toe
      • Varicose Veins – Swelling/ Bulging of veins in legs, difficulty in movement.
      • Sciatica – Severe pain from the waist till the ankle, tingling sensation in hands & feet.
      • Spondylitis – Appearance of gap in spine, tingling sensation in hands & feet, dizziness.

    1. Skin Disorders:
      • Psoriasis – Dandruff like skin shedding from the scalp, patches with dryness, itching all oven the body.
      • Eczema – Skin of hands and feet turns dark, thick with itching.
      • Vitiligo – White pigmented spots all over body.
      • Allergy/ Urticaria – Bright red spots, pigments. Appear on all over body with itching.
      • Pimples / Acne – Pigmentation and dark spots on skin, Acne, Pimples, etc.
      • Hair Disorders – Hair fall, Dandruff, Thinning & Greying of hair, etc.

    1. Digestive Problems
      • Acidity – Heartburn, Nausea & Vomiting, Headache, Burps.
      • Constipation – Hard stools, Gases, Unable to pass stools, Stomach ache, lethargy.
      • Gastro Intestinal conditions – Loose motions, dysentery, pain in abdomen before passing motions, gases, weight loss, loss of appetite.
      • Loss of Appetite – Not Feeling hungry, Feeling 0f fullness often a small meal, constipation, low hemoglobin.

    1. Diabetes: – Imbalance of Tridosha and changes in digestive fire are a few main reasons for Diabetes according to Ayurveda. Nadichikitsa helps to assess the imbalance accurately and suitable treatment is given. This Ayurvedic treatment helps to reduce high levels of blood sugar. Along with this, Insulin formation can be done naturally.

    1. Hypertension – Major lifestyle changes like food habits, lack of exercise, stress etc. cause major problems like high BP, heart problems in a young age. For this, Nadichikitsa. Can be beneficial. Not only medicines but also relaxing panchakarma treatments like shirodhara, Hrudbasti, Netratarpan etc. can be helpful.

    1. Thyroid – Major Lifestyle changes are one of the reasons for improper functioning of thyroid gland. This improper functioning results into various symptoms like weight loss/ gain, PCOD, improper digestion etc. Nadichikitsa is helpful to regularize thyroid function.

    1. Gynecological conditions: – Female Problems like irregular menses, PCOD, Infertility, Menopause, white discharge etc. can be treated with the help of Nadichikitsa and Panchakarma.

  1. Others: – Along with above mentioned diseases, At Ayurvishwa Healthcare treatments and lifestyle modifications are given for chronic cough, asthma, pediatric problems, geriatric problems etc. by Nadichikitsa. Along with medicines, accurate and effective panchakarma treatments, diet and exercise tips are also given.