Panchakarma (Detox Programmes)

Panchakarma – Prevention is better than cure.

Panchakarma is very effective treatment as it helps to Completely remove saturated toxins from the body, and therefore eliminating root cause of disease. Panchakarma is not only useful for patients, but also for healthy individuals. It is a method to detoxify your body to prevent any diseases. This eventually helps to build a stronger immune system and a healthy body.

At Ayurvishwa Healthcare, nadi vaidya dignose the patient by analyzing the status of doshas in the human body, understands the symptoms and advises the suitable Panchkarma treatment, if necessary.

The different Panchkarmas, carried out of Ayurvishwa Healthcare are as below :

  1. Virechan – Useful for pitta problems, skin problems, herpes, hyperacidity etc.
  2. Vamana – Useful for chronic cough/ allergic conditions, various respiratory problems, skin problems, psoriasis, vitiligo, Urticaria etc.
  3. Nasya – Useful for all problems of sensory organs, headache, hair fall, sinusitis etc.
  4. Basti – Especially beneficial for arthritis, muscular weakness, infertility, weight loss and to gain weight.
  5. Raktamokshan – Useful for Painful joint conditions, Skin disorders, Urticaria
  6. Shirodhara – Beneficial for hair problems, anxiety, sleep disorders, relaxation etc.

Other Supportive Panchakarma:

  1. Abhyang (Whole body massage)
  2. Padabhyang (Foot massage)
  3. Janubasti
  4. Netrabasti
  5. Manyabasti
  6. Katibasti
  7. Sarvang Swedan (Whole body Steam)
  8. Patra Pottali
  9. Pindasweda
  10. Hrudbasti
  11. Takradhara